Thursday July 25, 2013

I found out late yesterday that my son, Eric, and his family are planning to come to the island for a quick visit this Sunday and I realized this morning that my living room is not conducive to socialization. Normally, that doesn’t matter since I don’t have anyone here except my fur friends, but twice a year, Eric and family come and I do want them to be comfortable. When I removed my recliner for the sake of my back (which does feel better), I moved the couch which had been across the room to replace the recliner. I have another couch, but it was sitting under the living room window and it was impossible to see one couch from the other. So I decided to try to remedy the situation today. I shifted the couch from the front window and put it across from the couch I’m using. They are off-set, but I think it will work. The shifting means that the dogs only get a much smaller couch in front of the window, but I did notice that Chauncey and Poosa both managed to get on it together. Oliver never used that couch anyway, so hopefully they will all be okay with the new arrangement. In order to accomplish all that, I had to shift my bookcases and I decided that it was the time to organize my books. I’d just put them on the shelves in any order when I got them out of storage after the remodel and yesterday, I tried to find a book I know I used to have. I couldn’t find it, so ordered another copy. When I moved a bookcase which was mostly hidden behind my quilting drawers, I found the book. Thankfully, it isn’t very expensive, and I have a friend whom I’m sure will enjoy it, but that incident along with the re-arranging of the room prompted me to get some order into my books so I will at least know which bookcase to look at. It has made for a long day, and I have a lot of aching muscles, but hopefully I will be better by Sunday.

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4 thoughts on “Thursday July 25, 2013

  1. Thanks, Lydia, and I have no idea! I don’t have any clue what they want to do and I really don’t do social mingling at all well, and so now I’m really anxious, but at least the living room is re-arranged! Hopefully, Josie will run the show (my granddaughter who will be 5 in October)!! I do usually take them out to lunch, which gives us something to do. And they never have time to stay for more than a few hours. Hopefully it will be all be great.

  2. 5 is such a fun age. She might be fascinated with your tadpoles.

    I know my 6-year-old nephew sure would be interested in something like that!

    Either way I hope you have a great time. 🙂

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