Sunday July 28, 2013

I have had an absolutely fantastic day, centered around a six hour visit with my son, Eric, his wife, Kelly, and my granddaughter, Josie, who is 4 1/2 years old. They arrived at around 11AM and Josie was absolutely enchanted with my pets. It took her a few minutes to warm up to all the dogs, but she captured Thackeray’s heart from the beginning. As the day progressed, we went out to lunch, but most of the time we enjoyed my newly arranged living room and Josie kept petting everyone except Laoise, who never put in an appearance. I also showed Josie the frog sanctuary and we spotted some tadpoles with back legs! I’m not sure Josie spotted the legs, but Kelly, Eric, and I did and we all found that most exciting. I’ll try to see if I can’t get photos in the next few days. I found a home for my extra fiestaware as Josie loves it and so do Eric and Kelly. I let Josie pick whatever pieces she wanted and now I thankfully have an empty kitchen drawer which I will be able to use most handily. Kelly, a terrific seamstress, was thrilled to see all my fabric and then Josie started picking her favorites. I now have her birthday present solved! Josie picked all the fabrics she really likes, and she also picked her favorite flannel. I will now make both a lap quilt and a twin bed quilt for her. Then she asked about blankets for her babies–all her stuffed animals, and so I will also make some 18″ squares for her to use for them. It is a wonderful project, one that I will truly enjoy making and which I know she will love. I have until October 12th, so I plan to do most of it before school starts. Then finally, around 5PM, they headed back to the ferry and Eric e-mailed me to let me know Josie was asleep before they even boarded the ferry. It was a fantastic day all the way around!

my granddaughter
climbing through
the cat furniture jungle
petting all the pets
laughing and giggling


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  1. Thanks, Lydia! I found out that yesterday was their only free day until Mid-November!! I really can’t imagine being that busy, but was most grateful that they were willing to spend it with me!

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