Saturday August 3, 2013

The sun has returned. According to my new rain gauge, we only got 0.1″ of rain yesterday, nowhere near enough, but I suspect we won’t get any more for a long time. I started cutting the fabric that Josie picked out for the two quilts I am going to make for her, one to drag around and one for her bed. Blythe called to ask if I were interested in playing Mahjongg this afternoon at Wini’s and I was happy to accept. Turns out no one remembered the cards with the hands on them, so instead we made up our own rules, playing it as if it were a game of rummy and all four of us decided that we hadn’t had so much fun ever before and I expect we have invented our own game. I hope we get to play again this season before Carolyn heads to Arizona for the winter. I came home, finished the book I was reading and wrote a review. I’m exhausted but it was a fun day and I hope that tomorrow I can finish cutting Josie’s fabric.

yesterday’s rain
only 0.1”
more of a mist
playing mahjong
with friends