Tuesday August 6, 2013 and Wednesday August 7, 2013

Apparently I forgot to put up a post yesterday. I was so sure I’d done it, but it isn’t here, so I’ll do two days in one. Yesterday, I worked on piecing squares, went to my therapy appointment, and started a new fantasy novel. Today, Leigh started pressure washing my eaves to get rid of the mold, and also pressure washing my decks. We have a plan for painting the decks and I think that will start tomorrow. Meanwhile, I finished piecing all the nine-patch squares for Josie’s two quilts and I have about half of the rail squares pieced as well. It was a lot of fun to watch all the birds in my yard and I even managed to get a photo of a bird I couldn’t identify, but Cynthia helped me solve the mystery. It was a red-breasted sap sucker, and my photo came out really well. I also taught my bridge class and went out to lunch with Anja. I finished the afternoon reading more of my book.

and sparrows
a red-breasted sap sucker
flitting through the yard
as I quilt