Saturday August 10, 2013

We had an enormous thunderstorm last night.  One clap of thunder shook the house and felt as if it was right on top of us (to the dogs’ great dismay). When I got up this morning I discovered that it was all sound and fury with only 0.05″ of actual rain (I love my new rain gauge that can measure precipitation to the nearest 0.01″). However, with the morning fog added to the pittance of rain, it was enough to cause a delay in the painting of the back deck. There are still four sections which need a first coat, and then everything will need a second coat, but that will all wait for next week as Leigh had to go back to Canada today. She’ll be down on Tuesday afternoon, and resume painting on Wednesday and hopefully that should finish the job. But she got a ton done this week and I am very excited about how it is turning out. Today, I worked on writing a sonnet for my poetry class and I have at least managed to write a first draft which I will work on over the next few days. Then I pieced some of the strips for the quilt top for Josie’s bed. I took read a book, took a nap, and wrote a review. It has been a very nice day.

a mere 0.05” of rain
changes painting plans
for the back decks
on hold now
until next week