Tuesday August 13, 2013

I pieced the second of Josie’s quilts–her lap quilt–this morning. It uses the same fabrics as her bed quilt, the fabrics she picked out. I haven’t decided on the borders for either, and I think I will wait to see the new hippopotamus fabric I’ve ordered. After all her birthday isn’t until October and I have done the most time consuming parts. I went to my therapy appointment and then came home to read and study more poetry on my own, guided by a book by Mary Oliver, my favorite poet. Then I read nearly half of a fantasy novel. Leigh called and she is back on the island. She’ll be here tomorrow morning to resume the painting of the decks. I’ll have to wash my hair in the kitchen sink for a day, maybe two, but it will be worth it to have my decks looking so wonderful.

a lap quilt
it only needs
a border
waiting for fabric