Wednesday August 14, 2013

Last night, as I was getting out of my hot tub, I saw the tiniest baby tree frog on the pink walkway! She was so cute and I tried to convince her to stay put so I could take her picture, but she decided to hop into the bushes. I don’t know if she began her life in my frog sanctuary or not, but she is a wonderful addition to my yard and I certainly hope she is happy here. This is the last week of the summer that I can guarantee is all mine as the teachers return to school next week and I don’t know what that will mean for me. But overall, it has been one of the nicest summers ever! I have had to deal with a tricky issue which started last June in response to an e-mail I sent, and that has caused me anxieties. I am so very grateful to my therapist and also so very glad that I have shared all the correspondence with her. She helped me with my latest response which I had her proof before I sent it to be sure it said what I needed to say in the most respectful way, and with her encouragement, I sent my reply this morning. I have received an answer back which saddened me greatly, but again I forwarded it onto my therapist and she was quick to respond, reassuring me. I have been so very grateful for her advice and counsel as she knows both of the parties involved and she knows me better than anyone else, maybe even better than I know myself. It has been difficult, and I wish things were different, but I have no control over others (nor should I!), and it will be what it will be. The entire episode has colored my day, but I need to focus on all the wonderful things that happened. I have been reading Mary Oliver’s A Poetry Handbook which is wonderful, with such clear explanations. I am understanding concepts now that never really made sense before. I received a wonderful text message from one of my students who asked if I would teach him Latin when school starts!! That really made my day! I taught my bridge class, which was lots of fun, and I also read most of the rest of the wonderful fantasy novel I am reading. After that, Dr. Nell came for a vet visit, and that went well. Thackeray tolerated more acupuncture on his left eye and I am to give him drops twice daily for seven days. Everyone else is doing fine, so that was nice to hear. Leigh was able to finish the first coat of paint on all the decks, although it started dripping rain late in the afternoon. I’ve decided that if anyone wants rain, all they have to do is decide to paint outside. We probably won’t get anything much, but it was enough to shift what Leigh will do next. Even with the gentle rain she should be able to paint the soffits that she cleaned last week so they no longer have mold. It has been a roller-coaster day, but many wonderful thinks have happened, and that is what I will focus on.

my therapist helps me
with a difficult response
to an e-mail
goldfish swimming
under the fountain