Friday August 16, 2013

I love to wake to the sound of foghorns! The fog was really thick this morning and I managed to get up and get my camera before it all burned off. This is the end of my last guaranteed week of summer vacation. The teachers are back next week and I don’t know yet what that will mean for me. I imagine Nan will want to touch base in the next two weeks and I might have to do some cataloguing of the text books I bought over the summer. There may also be some meetings. I won’t know anything until next week but I suspect that I’ll get most of the next two weeks to myself. Meanwhile, today I went to my therapy appointment and then after lunch to see my osteopath. I spent the remainder of the afternoon reading and napping. Leigh has left for Canada and she managed to get a lot done in spite of the weather. I think we still have soffits to paint, but otherwise, things are looking really good.

early morning fog
gives way to sun
the day turns warm
painted decks
finish drying