Tuesday August 20, 2013

I had my therapy appointment this morning and then talked with Nan from Student Link in the afternoon. She’s been back at work since yesterday and started meeting with students and parents today. She and I will meet tomorrow for our first meeting of the year and then I will probably have books to catalogue and I don’t know what else. Things will be really different this year with a lot more students and we won’t be getting any more space and maybe no more help so it will be a chaotic start to the year, and I am already anxious, not that there is anything I can do about it. Hopefully it will all work out.  Two weeks from today is the first day of school for the students. I read a book today and wrote its review. Last night I finished the section of Chaucer’s poetry in the Norton Anthology of Poetry and tonight I move on to Piers Plowman.

school meeting
tomorrow morning
summer vacation
where did it go
why is it gone