Thursday August 22, 2013

I have spent most of my day cataloguing new textbooks for Student Link. I managed to do thirty-five of them today, which is most of them, thankfully. Nan needs them for her student meetings, so I need to return the books tomorrow after my therapy appointment. Dan from Eyeland Optical called me to say that my new glasses were finally in (the first time they came in they were wrong and had to be sent back). I went out to get them right away and I can’t believe how much better I am now seeing! The doctor said it was only a minor change, but it has made a wonderful difference to me and the world seems sparkling clear! I took advantage of being out to stop by Student Link to pick up more cataloguing supplies so my afternoon was very productive. I also had a student to tutor in Algebra, so it has been a busy day.

seeing my world
with sparkling clarity
details enhanced
by a sharper focus
new glasses