Sunday August 25, 2013

I kept my iPad beside my bed last night so that I could check the website for the Cascade Crest 100 Mile trail endurance run whenever I woke. By 9AM it showed that Eric had completed the 100 miles in under 23 hours (his goal had been to do it in less than 24 hours so he certainly beat that comfortably). He came in 14th out of 155 runners who started the race. I received a reply this evening to the congratulations e-mail I sent this morning and he confirmed that it was by far his fastest and best result. I spent the morning writing. First, I wrote a blog post about emotional intelligence on my Random Thoughts blog which I’d been thinking about for awhile. After that I wrote a poem for this week’s Sunday Whirl and then read a lot of other poems written using the same words. It was a wonderful way to spend my morning. In the afternoon I finished reading the novel I was in the middle of–a really good mystery thriller, and wrote a review for it. I also cut some of the fabrics Josie had picked so I can make small squares for her stuffed animal babies.

focusing thoughts
tapping the keys
a new blog post
and a poem
quiet Sunday morning