Tuesday August 27, 2013

I worked on Student Link things this morning. I made the forms for tracking student hours and I also modified two science textbooks so that the answers are not visible. The books are self-study books and they work very well, but having the answers immediately available is just a bit too tempting for our students. Therefore, I got Student Link two copies of each book (astronomy and chemistry), one of which will be the teacher’s guide, and the other of which I have now modified by pasting heavy pink paper over the answers. After lunch I went to my therapy appointment and then ran some errands to the pet store and the market. I’m trying to get the house well stocked before school starts so that I won’t have to do anything during the first few weeks except get use to the new schedule. I came home and after putting away my groceries, I read and took a nap.

preparing textbooks
for the new school year
trees begin to turn
temperatures cool
fall is in the air