Thursday August 29, 2013

We got another 0.14″ of rain last night and it has been pouring rain for much of the day and I think we have gotten some real rain now, about 1/4″, I think. I’ll check the gauge tomorrow, but I was happy to turn off the sprinklers today (not that I think that they are off for good). I sewed the binding onto both of the quilts I am currently working on, so that the tops are finished. I hope to sew the backs tomorrow and then get them pinned, quilted, and bound over the long weekend. I ran up to Island Quilter to get binding for the twin quilt, and then picked up my buyer’s club order at Minglement. I was so glad that Leigh replaced the wheels on my hand truck. It worked really well today when I had to bring in lots of juice, frozen food, and canned pumpkin for the dogs. It is very nice to have all my freezer drawers full before school starts. Later on Pandora’s Box delivered some dog food and Fair Isle delivered more, so I am now well stocked.

sewing borders
on two quilts
as the rain pours
and thunder