Monday September 2, 2013

I started on the small quilted squares I’m making for Josie’s birthday. I’m making 9″, 20″, and a few other sizes for her to be able to use for her stuffed animal babies, and I’ll add them to the bed and lap quilts I have already made. I’ll post photos when I have bunches of them done. I also had a lovely visit from my friend,Tink, who wanted to show her friend, Teresa, my home. They were here for about an hour and it was a very delightful visit. I enjoyed meeting Teresa and was happy to show them both my home and have them meet my fur friends. After that, I finished the novel I was reading and wrote a review for it. I also managed to catch a brief nap.

quilting squares
for my granddaughter’s
stuffed animals
nestled together
sweet dreams