Thursday September 5, 2013

I was happy to spend the morning at home. I quilted 24 of the larger size squares (20″) for Josie’s birthday. I have 8 more to go plus 22 of the smaller ones. I have given myself this weekend to quilt as many as I can. The rest of the month will be used squaring and binding them, or as many as I can. Then, I had an afternoon of tutoring. It was nice to be back with my students. I was especially excited with my last student who is starting Latin. He did amazingly well with his first lesson and we had a wonderful session. Then I talked on the phone with Nan to get the final update on this week’s Student Link orientation. Overall, it was very positive, and hopefully the few glitches will work out. I am glad that my work week is done, however. It has been a long first week.

a student’s joy
at learning Latin
his first assignment
exceeds all expectations
sun break

5 thoughts on “Thursday September 5, 2013

  1. Thanks, Lydia, and this week wasn’t even the regular schedule, so I’m hoping next week is better by I know it will take several weeks to adjust. As you say, first week/s are always exhausting! Hope you are feeling tons better!

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