Monday September 9, 2013

Today is Eric’s 34th birthday which means that when I have my birthday in December, I’ll be twice his age. And while I clearly and fondly remember the day of his birth with the utmost clarity, I find that I cannot remember at all what it feels like to be 34 (or 54 for that matter). Anyway, I spent today binding sixteen more of the 20″ squares. I now have 27 of them completed, and just 7 more to go. Then it is onwards to the 22 smaller squares. I am much closer to finishing this project than I thought I would be. Of course, my work week starts tomorrow so I won’t be doing much now until Friday afternoon, but that’s ok. I also tutored my Latin student today and I continue to be amazed by his progress. He really seems to have a good grasp on things.

from the hot tub
finding a series
of intricate
spider webs


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