Tuesday September 10, 2013

Today was my first real day back at Student Link after last week’s orientations. It took me awhile to get my desk organized again, and then I had all last week’s hours to log for the students. I got caught up with that and even managed to catalogue six books before I left. It is nice to be back. I had a quick lunch and then went to my therapy appointment. After that I sewed more binding strips as I have used nearly all of what I’d sewn over the weekend. I will press them tomorrow so that they are ready for this weekend’s binding marathon. I had one student to tutor and I am thankfully done for the day.

first day back
uncovering my desk
logging student hours
six books catalogued
finding my rhythm

2 thoughts on “Tuesday September 10, 2013

  1. Thanks, Lydia! I think I still have 10-12 left to do, even after all I’ve already done, but hopefully I will soon have them done. I’m a bit behind after today, but that’s only to be expected for the start of the year.

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