Thursday September 12, 2013

I am so glad that the main part of my work week is finished! My week has been extended this year in order to accommodate student needs so that I now have a student on Monday afternoon and another on Friday afternoon, but still, my main work week is Tuesday through Thursday and that has now ended. I worked at Student Link this morning and was most frustrated because the computer I use still wasn’t working. Our principal stopped by and I asked her for help and within 1/2 an hour I had a working computer–the tech put the hard drive from the dead one into a new case and so I was back up and running. The computer is still as old as the hills and he said that once we knew if there was anything on the hard drive worth saving, that he could get me a newer, faster one, but I have to wait for others who used that computer over five years ago to check that out. But at least I’m not having to write everything down and then enter it into Google Docs when I get home and that is a big help. Then this afternoon I had three students to tutor, so it has been a very full day. Leigh also surprised me by stopping by to do some painting. She is now doing a second coat on my decks which is lovely!! It is definitely time to find dinner and bed!

students in
physics and Latin
a spider watches
through the window