Friday September 13, 2013

The paint on the decks didn’t dry last night and it was even wetter this morning  thanks to the heavy fog, so I ended up with a major mess with the dogs and me tracking through the wet paint so that my lovely decks looked horrible and so did the floors inside! Thankfully, Leigh has been able to sort things out. She repainted the decks and now has fans blowing on them so hopefully they will be dried by tonight. It was the best we could do. And Casey was able to get the floors cleaned without too much trouble, so now we are looking pretty good. While all that was going on, I went to my therapy appointment, had lunch, and then saw my osteopath. My day ended with my last student of the week, tutoring her in Algebra II. Thank heavens the weekend is here.

wet paint
tracked inside
and out
the dogs and I
with pink feet