Saturday September 14, 2013

I skipped my usual morning routine today because I wasn’t sure if the decks were dry yet. Leigh had asked me to leave two fans on overnight, and I decided that they might just as well stay on until I was really sure everything was dry. After yesterday’s fiasco with the wet paint, I wasn’t taking any chances. The plus side to skipping my sauna/hot tub/shower routine was that I was ready to start binding the remaining squares for Josie’s birthday present. I ended up working for 7 hours, which I know was very foolish, but I now have all sixty squares completed! Twenty of the small ones still need to have my signature label ironed on (Magically Quilted with Love by Daphne) but I ran out. I re-ordered them a couple weeks ago, and the new batch should be here any day now. But I am very glad that my present is very nearly completed. I also did a little work in the yard and also turned off the fans and put them away. I just let the dogs out and the decks are now perfect.

binding sixty
small quilt squares
for my granddaughter
the dogs and I allow
the deck paint to dry