Monday September 16, 2013

I had another quiet day catching up on things that I’ve let slide while I was quilting so much. My desk is now clean and organized once again. I finished making the record keeping forms for Student Link so it will now be easy to log each student’s work in math. And I started reading another book for the site I write volunteer reviews for. Leigh is working on my shower base, making a second diamond that sits in the middle of the rectangular frame so that when one diamond becomes worn and needs painting, we can just swap it out with the other. That way I should always have a good one to use. She also put a second coat of pink paint on my front deck, which meant that my two students had to walk around the house, but that was fine with them. I tutored one in Latin and one in physics, and now I am definitely at the end of my energy levels! I am hoping for an early night!

keeping the dogs
off the front porch
more wet paint
students detour
around to the back