Tuesday September 17, 2013

I had lots to do at Student Link this morning. I got the attendance hours for last week logged and I realize that since I am not there on Fridays and since I have to do the previous week’s totals on Tuesdays, that my Tuesdays will have a significant chunk of time taken up with paperwork. I also got nearly caught up with marking papers and I answered a number of questions from students. I didn’t get any more books catalogued, but that seems to be the least important task at the moment. After lunch I went to see my therapist and then I spent a quiet afternoon reading and napping. This will be a long week, between not feeling 100% and having the monthly bridge game tomorrow, but hopefully it won’t prove too difficult.  I was thrilled to spot a tree frog on the edge of the red pot next to my front door.  She looks so happy there!  She really made my day!

marking papers
answering questions
a quiet afternoon
napping and reading
with dogs and cats