Thursday September 19, 2013

I spent the morning at Student Link answering questions, proctoring and marking tests, and frantically cataloguing 18 books! I now have all the books catalogued, at least for the moment until more arrive, although now I am a bit behind in marking homework! But Nan says that we have a week to mark homework and the papers I have yet to do were just turned in late yesterday or today, so I should be in good shape. I ran to Thriftway on my way home to pick up some bagels and non-dairy yogurt and then I had three students to tutor in the afternoon while Casey cleaned my home. It is a new schedule for us based on her doctor’s appointments and my schedule changes and we hope it will work for both of us. I am glad that the main part of my week is over as I am definitely worn out.

versus conjugations
teaching Latin
to an eager student
using Ovid’s stories