Friday September 27, 2013

I spent the morning writing a college recommendation for one of my students, and then after lunch I went to my osteopath. She told me that I should do no more shelving of books! She also noticed that the stress of being back in school has caused my back and shoulders to move out of alignment, but I think she has everything in better order. Then I had my last student of the week. I helped her prepare for next week’s chapter test. Anja called and she wanted to deliver all the fabric I ordered a few weeks ago. I’d forgotten what I’d ordered, of course, but I love everything that I got!! And a lot of it is flannel which is wonderful because my flannel collection was getting really low. I should now be set for a long time and I’ll have plenty for the graduation quilts when I finally get to start those.

the end
of the work week
final tutoring session
time to relax
the weekend at last