Saturday September 28, 2013

I completed all my usual Saturday chores and I also managed to store my thirty-three new bolts of fabric. I got 17 flat fabric bolts and 16 flannel bolts for a total of 507 yards of new fabric which should make a lot of really fun quilts! Then I managed to recover both of my ten-year-old inexpensive IKEA couches. They definitely need replacing and I noticed the foam is beginning to shred, but getting new couches would mean an off-island search and that just isn’t in the cards. At least the recovering makes things look much cheerier. I then did a bit of reading and took a short nap.


finding storage
for thirty-three bolts
flat and flannel fabric
five hundred and seven yards
ready to sew new quilts




4 thoughts on “Saturday September 28, 2013

  1. LOL!! I really have enough for a small store. This was a nice addition, but I have a lot more! And I do have some patterns, but now I am designing my own. Do I need to say that I love fabric?

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