Monday September 30, 2013

I have had a challenging day trying to deal with the fact that after my e-mail hosting service was taken over and they had to reset my e-mail, I have stopped receiving any e-mails from (and believe me, I get a lot of them!). Amazon says they are sending the e-mails and they are bouncing. My hosting service says everything is fine and they can’t find a problem without a copy of the bounced e-mails which Amazon apparently can’t or won’t provide. It is just impossible. So I tried to distract myself from my frustrations by making lots more little pillows to go with Josie’s birthday presents. I now have 26 of them and will probably make more although I don’t know if I’ll end up with sixty of them as I did with the small quilts. Then I finished the novel I was reading and wrote its review. I also had a student to tutor in Latin and he is doing really well.

the snail
rides the rain gauge
making small pillows
for my granddaughter’s
stuffed animals