Tuesday October 1, 2013

I have had a very frustrating day, spending much of it on hold or talking with tech services in a variety of places–my web hosting service, Amazon.com, and CenturyLink, my internet/phone provider, about why I no longer receive e-mails from amazon.com.  I have gotten false information, bad suggestions, and a lot of waiting on hold listening to bad music. I really feel frustrated and trapped. Apparently when my web host was down during the switchover e-mails from amazon bounced and so amazon blocked the e-mail as a bad e-mail. So I am setting up another account with CenturyLink to use just for Amazon until something can be sorted. Even that wasn’t easy as CenturyLink was having problems with my e-mail account since I’d never activated it when I opened my account with them seven years ago when I moved to the island. I guess eventually things will settle down, but it is so hard when the techs don’t seem to have a clue what is going on and I get told all sorts of things which even I know aren’t true. Oh well. In addition to all that hassle, I worked at Student Link this morning, cataloguing the books Nan had requested last week which arrived over the weekend. I also tried to make a dent in all the math papers which had come in since I last worked. It is amazing how much more homework there is with the increased student load. After lunch I went to my therapy appointment and then came home to tutor a student. Definitely time to call it a day!

hours on the phone
wrong information
no answers from techs–
caught between
two large rocks