Thursday October 3, 2013

It has been a long day. I marked all the papers in my inbox and for the first time since the start of the school year, I left work today with all the student’s math assignments corrected. That felt really good! I had a quick lunch, shifted laundry and then went to my therapy appointment. I got home in time to catch Laoise before Dr. Nell arrived for a vet visit. I’ve been concerned about Laoise as she has been throwing up a lot and it might just be fur balls, but I wanted her checked. It seemed serendipitous that Laoise was sleeping on my bed when I got home just ten minutes before Dr. Nell was due, so I got a cat carrier and put her in it so she was all ready to be examined. Dr. Nell examined her and took blood for a senior feline screening. She is also going to give Laoise some hairball meds. Then Dr. Nell checked the dogs, taking blood from Chauncey for his annual thyroid check as well as a senior canine panel. I should get the results tomorrow. After all that, I still had a student to tutor (and it should have been two, but thankfully one cancelled). I then folded all my laundry and now I am very glad that my work week is over.

causing stress
causing changes
a cyclical pattern
needs changing

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