Friday October 4, 2013

I had to skip most of my morning routine (sauna and hot tub) in order to be ready for a visit from friends from Kalamazoo. They arrived around 9:30AM and they were here until just before 2PM when they had to leave to catch the ferry as they headed to Portland. It was a wonderful visit and it was good to see them. After that I went over to Student Link to catalogue an American history textbook so that the student could pick it up later in the afternoon. Then I finished the novel I was reading and started the next. I also contacted CenturyLink again about my e-mail woes and while I am still not able to set up a second address, I do think that things are getting closer.  Dr. Nell called this morning with the lab results for both Laoise and Chauncey and they are both looking good. She suggests we watch Laoise and see how she does with the Laxotone for her hairballs and meanwhile Chauncey’s thyroid has been refilled at the current level, so all that is good. Dr. Nell actually stopped at Fair Isle on her way to the airport for her vacation and then called me while she was on the ferry and I think that she is a really great vet!! Now, thankfully, it is the weekend and I plan to take it very easy.

a short but sweet
visit with friends
from Kalamazoo
perfect autumn
island weather

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