Tuesday October 8, 2013

My work week began today and I had a busy morning at Student Link marking papers and helping a couple students. I am amazed at how many more papers I have to mark with the increase in our student load. My lawn crew came earlier than usual this morning and in fact I had just gotten out of the shower when they arrived. I was glad when shortly afterwards the sunshine changed to pouring rain! After working at Student Link I took Josie’s packages to the UPS shipper and sent them on their way. I e-mailed Eric giving him the tracking numbers and he e-mailed back to say that he would let me know when they arrived, which is supposed to be tomorrow. I went to my therapy appointment and then came home to relax and read for a bit before a tech from CenturyLink called me with updates on my e-mail problems. She has now sent the problem off to a complex problem department, and she has promised to call me again tomorrow with a further update. My day ended with a tutoring session and now I am set for a quiet evening.

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lawn mowing
heavy rains
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