Thursday October 10, 2013

I slept much better last night, thankfully, and today I finished my workweek at Student Link with all my papers marked and several students helped. I am starting to learn about the new students and how they like to work, which is rewarding. After Student Link I stopped at Thriftway for my monthly grocery shopping. The only things I get at Thriftway are my coconut vegan yogurts and my bagels, and today I was really lucky because the yogurt shelf had just been stocked and I was able to get all four of my favorite flavors and many of them won’t expire until the end of November, so I am set now. Then my house was cleaned and laundry finished, which is lovely, and I ended up with only one student to tutor today, so I had time to begin a new book which looks really good.  Best of all, CenturyLink finally figured out the issues surrounding my e-mail and I now have as my primary e-mail the one I wanted all along because they never fully activated my original account because I hadn’t used it.  The wonderful lady I’ve been working with over the past three days demonstrated that she really had been listening to me, and it also showed me the importance of giving at least some explanations so that those helping me can fully grasp the situation.  Because I had explained to her about my name change, she was able to activate my account fully using my new name.  Without that explanation, she probably would simply have activated the lame e-mail I was originally given, one which used my old name.  Through the entire eight day struggle with this issue, I have to admit that everyone I talked with was polite, eager to help, and very sympathetic to my plight and that made everything much easier.  When CenturyLink realized that the usual procedures wouldn’t work, they hooked me up with this lady who was then able to call me directly so that I wasn’t kept on hold for hours.  I liked CenturyLink before, but I really like them now!

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