Friday October 11, 2013

I am glad that the work week is over and I do think that it was a slightly easier week than last week, so maybe things are starting to settle down. I’m just going to have to have patience and wait. Today I went to both my therapist and my osteopath, and then I read a book and wrote its review. The book wasn’t as enjoyable as most of the ones I’ve reviewed, so I was glad to finish it and get it reviewed. I also signed up for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) which begins on the first of November. I’ve got the basic plot figured out and Cynthia suggested the perfect name for my heroine and then today, the perfect title, so I was able to sign up and now, I need to come up with the basic layout for the chapters by the end of the month. I am excited to be doing it for the third time. I really enjoy the challenge and for me it is the perfect way to get the first draft of a novel whipped out. I ordered my t-shirts today (they had the winners’ shirts on sale, in addition to the participant shirts. I won’t wear the winner shirt until I complete my 50,000 words, but now that I have the shirt ordered, I have to finish)!

a friend
suggests a title
for my third novel
looking forward
to NaNoWriMo