Saturday October 12, 2013

I worked out in my yard this morning for over an hour, pulling annuals, cutting off dead stuff, and putting pink tape on the trees that I want moved when Lance and his guys come on Monday. They will be moving plants for the next three Mondays, and I am trying to make it as easy and efficient as possible. I then edited a story for an internet friend and sent it back to her. Then another friend came over for a visit and we talked for nearly an hour. After she left, I sewed the reversible bag I designed for my iPad. It will make it much easier, not to mention much more secure, to take it to and from Student Link. I spent the afternoon reading a book, which had the right cover, but which was the wrong book inside, even though all the headers were right. I called Amazon because the book that was really there was Christian fiction, not fantasy, and I figured they would want to know that. They were great and allowed me to return the book (which I actually read–it did hook me enough to finish it and I just skipped over all the preaching, but still it wasn’t my thing), and even gave me a $5.00 credit. I discovered that the wrong book that was inside the right cover was from the same publisher as the book I wanted and it was also on the review site and unclaimed. So I wrote a review for it and sent it off, and meanwhile, this time I will use the free PDF file from the review site for the fantasy novel I wanted. This is the first time I’ve ever had this happen, and Amazon seemed quite grateful that I spotted it as we all agreed that other readers might be really upset, especially if the Christian book has the fantasy novel’s text. It is definitely time to call it a day.

a friend visits
sharing tea
and talk
making a sack
for my iPad


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