Monday October 14, 2013

My morning routine was jumbled and changed as I had to be ready for Lance and his guys, as well as Drew for my hot tub service, at 9AM! I had to skip both the sauna and hot tub and take my shower before feeding the pets, which I heard about, believe me. But I was all dressed and ready when everyone arrived. The first of the big move days went extremely well!! My yard has already opened up a lot and most of the trees were relocated to areas along the fence where they will be lovely, still receive water in the summer, and yet won’t be in the way for foot traffic and won’t block my views. Lance agreed that everything is looking much nicer. I knew I’d over planted and Kathy warned me that some of these things would get really big, but I figured it would take ten or fifteen years for that to happen. Wrong! It has only been three to four years! But only a few things had to go down into the deer sanctuary. Nearly everything has just found a new home within the main part of my property where hopefully they will be really happy. The guys will be back one or maybe two more Mondays, but it is definitely worth it. I cleaned and rearranged another closet and I think I am done with all that. I also started another book and tutored my Latin student, so it has been a very nice day.

moving trees
grown too big
the yard opens
as the trees find
space to breathe