Tuesday October 15, 2013

My morning routine was back to its usual form today after which I went to Student Link. I had some papers to mark and some books to order. I tried to send an e-mail but the connection I am allowed to use doesn’t allow full internet access. It was very frustrating. I came home and finished the order before heading out to my therapy appointment. I came home and and tried to use Fair Isle’s new internet site for pet records, but the site is clunky and won’t allow me to upload my pet’s photos. This problem has been reported many times by me and I’m sure others, but I finally had enough today and I sent yet another message to the tech to say that I wouldn’t use the site anymore. I then spent the rest of the afternoon reading more of a novel since my one student cancelled. Today’s sunset is absolutely spectacular.

one tech
problem after
another making me
feel even more

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