Thursday October 24, 2013

I worked an extra hour at Student Link today so that I could get all the papers marked and all the questions answered. It is so satisfying to see the students improving in their math skills as they learn to ask for help. I’m hoping that more and more students will realize that they don’t have to try to go it alone and everyone needs help now and again. On the way home I stopped at Minglement for my buyer’s club order of 4 cases of canned pumpkin (for the dogs) and 6 cases of edamame as well as 12 bottles of pomegranate-blueberry juice (for me). Thank heavens for my hand truck as that was one heavy load. I had lunch and read until it was time to tutor today’s two students. I am glad that my work week is nearly over as I am very tired.

students filled
with questions
ready and eager
to learn