Saturday October 26, 2013

After completing my usual Saturday chores, I worked in the yard this morning moving three birdbaths and a turtle bench (which I definitely shouldn’t have been doing, but there we are), so that they are in nicer locations now that some large trees have been moved out.  I really like the look and now all of my birdbaths can be filled from my deck, which is much easier and safer for me.  Then I read and commented on a story a friend shared with me.  I also read this week’s lecture for my creative writing class and then read the four student submissions and made comments on each.  I finished the review novel I was reading and wrote that review as well, so the day has been productive.  I had hoped to make more notes for my upcoming novel marathon, but that didn’t happen.  Not sure if I’ll get there tomorrow as I still have to do the homework for my class and write my weekly wordle poem, but we shall see.  I have to move a bit faster with this, because all of these tasks will still be with me in November, and meanwhile, there is the small matter of NaNoWriMo and 50,000 words (1660/day).  Well, time will tell, but now it is time to head to the sauna!

my aches
moving things
better done by
someone else