Sunday October 27, 2013

Well, I feel much better about what I accomplished today. I just need to give up on chores–they take way too much time! Anyway, I worked on the timeline for my next novel which required going back to the first two books to be sure I hadn’t goofed. So far so good and I now know that my third novel will take place approximately two years after the last one ended. I have a firmer grasp on ages, both for returning characters and new characters, and I have more names picked for the new characters. I also have thought of more ideas for the plot, so I’m feeling really ready to go! Then I wrote and turned in my assignment for my Children’s Writing class and also started on the story which I will have to post to the student comment area a week from Tuesday. I want to have it ready to post before Friday since next weekend will be given over to NaNoWriMo. I wrote a poem for the Sunday Whirl and got it posted, after which I read all the other posted poems. Then I spent the afternoon reading with Calliope in my lap and Thackeray next to me. It has been a lovely day.

how much planning
before NaNoWriMo
just enough
not too much