Monday October 28, 2013

I spent the morning on my computer catching up with e-mails, posts, etc. and then I spent the first half of the afternoon on my couch with Calliope on top of me reading a wonderful fantasy novel. The dogs were right next to me and so were the other cats so it was a wonderful way to spend much of the afternoon. I also tutored my Latin student and we got to read about Echo and Narcissus. My student thought the explanation of echoes was really neat! It is fun to see a student put things together and realize what is happening. After today there are only three more days before National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) begins and I’ll be working for those three days so I certainly hope I’m ready. I’ve moved yet another appointment (for a hair cut) until the end of the month just to be sure. Better to have really long hair than to miss a Friday afternoon of writing!

a great fantasy novel
by fur friends
true peace