Thursday October 31, 2013

I am glad the work week is done (well, except for one student tomorrow, but still). I finished cataloguing all the books that have been donated to Student Link so far this year and I also got to help a few students with math questions. Then I relaxed and snoozed for the first part of the afternoon, thinking about my novel for this year (NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow!!!), and after days and nights stewing over the main plot line in my book, I finally came up with something just in the nick of time!! I am now really ready (I think) to begin the challenge tomorrow. With any luck, by the end of November I will have a completed draft of my third novel! I also tutored two students this afternoon while Casey cleaned my home, so it was a busy day all the way around. Now for a relaxing time in the sauna and hot tub, followed by dinner for us all and a bit of television before we call it a day. Happy Halloween to those who celebrate and Happy NaNoWriMo’s eve for me and my fellow writers!

gearing up
for NaNoWriMo
my muse arrives
in the nick of time
with a plot solution

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