Saturday November 2, 2013

We have had a major windstorm for most of the day and it was a bit unnerving to look out my front windows and see large fir trees really bending. My power went out for about 5 minutes tops, which I wouldn’t have noticed at all except for the crack that the circuit box makes when it switches to the generator. Other parts of the island weren’t so lucky, but I think everyone has power again. I spent 2.5 hours writing today and I now have four chapters and 7922 words! I am pleased with my progress and hope to keep up this pace both tomorrow and Monday. I do have to do my assignment for my Children’s Writing class, but hopefully that won’t take long and I’m not sure if I’ll participate in the Sunday Whirl. I’ll just have to wait and see. NaNoWriMo dominates my November, and I do really enjoy it, but participating in it may mean skipping something else. Both days so far I’ve taken a nap after writing as it is exhausting. Then Dr. Nell and Connie came for our vet visit and thankfully everyone is doing really well. Calliope really made a fuss about having her nails trimmed and it took three of us to manage it, but otherwise, everyone was great. I’ve swept the back deck a bit and removed some large branches which landed on the deck. The backyard especially is replete with downed branches, but I haven’t seen any damage. There is one caught on the front picket fence which looks really cool, so I left it, but I moved many of the others so Dr. Nell and Connie could get in and out. The wind is still blowing, but not nearly as hard as it was this morning. Meanwhile, I’ve also changed all my clocks, or so I think now. There is always one that gets missed somehow, but I think I have them this year. I’m glad for the extra hour during NaNoWriMo–maybe we could have it every weekend!

tall firs
bending in the wind
branches falling
as I write
for NaNoWriMo