Sunday November 3, 2013

Well, I’ve had another wonderful day writing my novel. Thanks to the time change I was up an hour earlier than usual (just try to explain the time change to my fur friends!), and that meant that I was at the computer writing by 9:10AM. I wrote two more chapters and another 4207 words in 2 hours 20 minutes which comes down to 30wpm. I think that is a pretty decent pace to maintain for that length of time considering that there were moments for thought, looking up character names, etc. My word total, as you can see from the NaNoWriMo badge on the right, is now 12129 words!! And I still have tomorrow before my work week starts! I am really pleased with how well it is all flowing. Of course, it could all just be gibberish, but I am not looking back until I’m done! I was finished for the day on that by 11:30, so I was able also to write a poem for The Sunday Whirl (no surprises–it was about NaNoWriMo!) and also read what others wrote. Calliope and Thackeray then joined me on the couch where I read and napped for the afternoon.

fir needles
filling the ponds
another 4207 words
two more chapters