November 5, 2013

My question for the day: Does the time change help National Novel Writing Month? In this house, I would have to say yes, at least so far. Once again, Thackeray had us all up and going at 6:20 (which, of course used to be 7:20). This resulted in my being able to write a full chapter (2426 words) before I headed off to Student Link. Without that boost, I’m here to say, there would have been no more words today. I am not sure just how long Thackeray will continue in the old time mode, but I think at the moment I’m okay with it. I do fully realize that an alarm clock could accomplish the same thing, but truly, it isn’t the same. There wasn’t much to do at Student Link today so I ended up shifting books in the book cases (we had 4 empty shelves but all the rest were very tightly jammed) and then shelved most of the books I catalogued last week. After lunch I had my therapy appointment and then I relaxed until it was time to tutor today’s student. I also posted comments on pieces by fellow students in my Children’s Writing class, posted my piece for comment next week and printed out this week’s lecture. I am managing to stay ahead of things and my theory now is that I am much better organized in November. I really, really love NaNoWriMo!!

early wake-up
from the cat
another chapter
word total 19470

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  1. Thanks for all the info you shared at bridge. Have to check out more about the book you are writing quickly….

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