Wednesday November 6, 2013

Will I keep getting up at 6:20AM once National Novel Writing Month is over? I could get a lot more writing done if I did, but I’m really not convinced. Anyway, today was really productive as I managed two chapters and 4842 words even with Student Link in the morning (where thankfully I did have some students to help and papers to mark and in fact I stayed longer to help two students with tests), my bridge class (which was small, but lovely), and one student to tutor (by which time my brain was definitely fried so I wasn’t as swift at doing matrices as I would have liked). My total word count is 24312 words, really close to the half way point for the challenge. Cheryl from Pandora’s Box just stopped by with a mini-order to tide us over until our regular order (I was running low on Oliver and Poosa’s food and I can’t imagine anything worse than not having food when they are hungry!), so now my day is finished. I shall find my sauna and hot tub and then feed us all as I watch a couple episodes of Hart to Hart on Netflix dvd.

early start today
two chapters
word total 24312