Friday November 8, 2013

I am about all “written out” for today. I again started early (got up at 6:15AM) and I wrote over a chapter before my therapy appointment. I then wrote more during lunch, again after my osteopath appointment, and finally after I tutored an algebra II student. What was the result of all this, you ask. I wrote three chapters today, the first time this year to do three in one day but then it makes up for only doing one on Tuesday. My word total for today is 6356 words and the grand total is sixteen chapters and 34818 words!! NaNoWriMo rocks!! And the best news is that I now have three days with nothing scheduled. I won’t even have my Monday student since the schools are closed on Monday. Yippee!! Tomorrow is a NaNoWriMo all day write-a-thon which should we a wonderful challenge. I am not going to the in-person event in Seattle, but instead I’ll participate on line. Should be a lot of fun. But I’m done for today.

starting early
writing between
three chapters more