Monday November 11, 2013

I spent another day just writing, my third in a row. It has been a most productive three day weekend. I wrote 26,618 words in the three days! Today was the least at 7614 words, but that’s just fine. My total is now 61,040 words, which if it holds will make this my longest book. It will certainly be the longest first draft! I’d nearly boxed myself into a corner, but all of a sudden my characters saw the light and I followed, so that was very fun. Anyway, I did go outside long enough to pick up the dog poop in the backyard–you know it’s been too long when there is white fuzz growing on the poop! But chores have not been high on my priority list this month. I’m still getting up at 6:30AM which is pretty miraculous for me, but if I can do that over the next three days, then I will be able to continue with some good writing even with Student Link, appointments, tutoring, and so forth. But no more today!!

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a day of writing

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