Thursday November 14, 2013

I tutored at Student Link and not only helped a lot of students but also got my paperwork caught up. But the big news for the day is that I finished the rough draft of my new novel!! It is 72276 words long, written in 14 days. My average words per day was 5,162, which is the best I have ever done! It has been a glorious ride. I have now printed out the draft and in a few days I plan to start editing it. I haven’t read any of it yet, but I’m hoping that at least some of that array of words are good! I also found out today that my student who is doing Latin for fun is going to apply to Pacific Lutheran University as a classics major. So now he is even more excited about the Latin. If he does enough with me he might be able to test into second year Latin, so both of us are getting a lot more serious about all this. Good thing my novel is done because now I need to make sure I keep up with him. But not tonight. I am fading fast! And if Thackeray is willing, I will not be up at 6:30AM tomorrow!!

day fourteen
the final chapters
three thousand words
completed the rough draft