Thursday November 21, 2013

I woke up today to find frost on my hot tub lid. Then I discovered ice on one of my birdbaths and frost on the walkways. I hadn’t realized it had gotten that cold but I was glad that Eglantine, my car, started. It is the third winter with this battery. Since I drive so little, my batteries generally seem to get through only one winter, but last winter was so mild I didn’t have to replace it. I have already found it sluggish this year, so I’m sure that it is only a matter of time. The sane person would take Eglantine in for servicing, but I have neither time nor energy for that. So I shall wait until she doesn’t start and then call AAA. At that point, I will have “snow days” until she is back again, and that seems quite wonderful to me. I’m thinking that she might not start tomorrow, Friday, which would actually be a good time to have her in the shop as I won’t really need her again until Tuesday. Each day is an adventure around here. I worked hard at Student Link this morning and then after a break, I tutored two students in the afternoon.

the car starts today
what about

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