Tuesday November 26, 2013

Things were really hopping at Student Link today. I had seven students all wanting to take tests and get homework done before the break. School lets out tomorrow at 11AM, so I will only have an hour tomorrow and then one student to tutor and I’m off until the following Tuesday. That seems absolutely wonderful to me!! After Student Link I went to my therapy appointment and then I worked on the living room arrangements, including getting a new bookcase for all my Latin books (and others as well). I now definitely have figured out how I want things once my new couch comes–talk about being prepared early!! The couch won’t be here until early to mid January but by Jove, I’m ready! I also wrote the review (my 100th review since I joined the review site last April) for the book I finished yesterday. Calliope just hopped onto my desk to say that it is definitely sauna time, so that’s it for now.

frantic rush
to finish work
before the break
students take tests
turn in homework

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