Wednesday November 27, 2013

School’s out!! I finished up at noon as I had one student who wanted to tutor today so he rode home from school with me when school let out at 11AM and then we worked for an hour and off he went. I’m free now until next Tuesday and that seems quite wonderful. And the big news for the day is that I sent my novel off to my editor at CreateSpace today! I don’t know for sure, but I suspect it is a record, or at least quite rare that someone would start a novel on the first of November and have it off to the publisher by the 27th! It feels really good and I do hope my editor likes it. After I got all that organized I spent the afternoon reading another review book and I am finding it to be very exciting. I am looking forward to spending my break reading and quilting.

chatting with
my publisher
my third novel
signed up and
off to their editor

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